About Hydrogen

Hydrogen, in the natural state and under normal conditions, is a colorless gas, odorless and tasteless. This, when burned with pure oxygen, has as its sole water and heat products.

Considered the fuel of the future, hydrogen is abundant, does not harm the environment, and experts regard it as the great source of energy in the civilized world as early as the first half of the 21st century, when it is thought that known reserves of oil, coal, and gas will be low and the accumulation of carbon dioxide, will reach alarming levels.

In this context, our proposal consists in the application of a generator capable of producing hydrogen through the process of high frequency electrolysis.
The results observed during laboratory tests show the energy potential of hydrogen and the possibility of using it as a future substitute for petroleum, so the proposal to use hydrogen as an energy source is able to serve the purpose to to which it was intended.